Weird weather makes for great pictures

Fishing in the fogRainbow in OjaiClouds over Lake CasitasFiery Sunset
A week or two ago, published an article entitled “Weird Weather: Temperature extremes coast to coast.” In it, the author Phil Gast commented on a temperature dichotomy where in some places temperatures were 30 degrees below normal and in others, 30 degrees above normal. Here in beautiful Ojai, CA, it was no different. We had an extreme cold snap, with citrus and other fruit trees freezing in the cold winter nights, followed by nearly 80 degrees of heat.

For me, when I see that the weather reports significant temperature changes, it means one thing: great pictures. Strange shifts in weather bring in low clouds, fog, rainbows and sunsets. I’m on alert the moment I hear that there is going to be a shift in temperature and I plan ahead. I get my gear ready, my galoshes, get gas in my car and drive around to find what I know will exist. Capturing great weather pictures isn’t simply skill and luck, it also has to do with planning. That’s how I got these great shots. Enjoy!

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