About Me

Photographer Victoria Linssen

© Lauren Hathaway

I am a documentary photographer, filmmaker and producer.

As a visual journalist, my goal is to capture that invisible, etheric essence of our planet and bring its life force forward to be seen, recognized and appreciated for all that it is…through the art of storytelling. I strive to capture the inner beauty of the individual expressed in a glance, a movement, a moment that demonstrates who they really are deep down inside. Growing up in the wooded forests of upstate Michigan and Wisconsin, I became deeply and profoundly connected to and moved by nature. Personally, I believe that all of us: the plants, the animals, the people, the forces of nature are all connected in an intricate, inexplicable and intimate way. When I am in nature, if I listen closely, I can hear her tell me stories, so I try to honor her by shooting photos with all my heart and soul. I absolutely love nature photography! When I photograph Mother Nature, I am motivated to showcase her light, her beauty, so that when you are looking at the image, you can almost feel her breathe. With animals and pet photography, I try also to show that they feel…as much as we do and perhaps more. When someone feels an emotional connection to one of my images, I know I’ve succeeded.

My passion is environmental and cultural preservation. It is my personal mission in life to tell conscious visual stories that inspire, educate and uplift people to take better care of themselves and our world.

To tell your story, contact me at victoria@victorialinssen.com.