Lightning Jack Sparrow

When Elizabeth Poole was 10 years old, she saw an episode of the Lassie show where the collie came to see her companion Timmy at school. She decided on the spot that she wanted a dog she could take to school. In time, Poole became a children’s mental health professional and began working with children with mental disabilities on the island of Maui. She has stacks of research that show the efficacy of using service dogs to help people heal.

It’s been nearly fifty years since Poole first saw that episode of Lassie and recently, her dream came true when her niece gifted her with an incredible golden retriever service dog named Lightning Jack Sparrow.

On of my many online movies, this short film is about Elizabeth’s heart-wrenching journey to obtain her service dog, Lightning Jack Sparrow, and her trials and tribulations in bringing him back to Hawaii to help brighten the future for the disadvantaged kids at her school.