Good Documentaries

The best documentaries tell emotionally compelling stories and let you as a viewer make up your mind about the outcome. Below are is a list of a few of my documentaries and I will post the rest when they are complete in production.

Annie’s Story

Annie’s Story is a story about How To Train an Out of Control dog. Sweet Annie Oakley was rehomed to me when she was 8 months old. Within days, I was ready to give her away. Until I found a great dog trainer who specialized in correcting dog behavior.

Lightning Jack Sparrow

Lightning Jack Sparrow is a heart-wrenching documentary story about a teacher in Hawaii trying to use her service dog to brighten the future for children living in Hawaii who have mental and emotional disabilities.

Dancing for the World

Dancing for the World shares the incredible impact that the nonprofit organization, World Dance for Humanity in Santa Barbara has on small global communities around the world.

Breath of Life

Breath of Life is currently being featured on Culture Unplugged and in the Tribal Film Festival in NE. My goal with this short film is to help others understand the profound importance of the Hawaiian’s connection to the land, to nature and people’s connection to each other, married hand-in-hand with the spirit of aloha. The Hawaiian islands are not just a place to go to eat, drink and be merry. They have a rich culture heritage that needs to be preserved, recognized and respected.


Pachamama is a short movie about our reconnection to our sacred Mother Earth, healing ourselves and our world. It features three prominent experts in the area of indigenous medicine and shamanism.

The Permanent Garden

I created this story, The Permanent Garden, with my friends Johnny Sacko and Ben Werner as a way to educate others about the benefits of permaculture. The goal of this informational documentary is to provide a living demonstration from people who not only have a philosophy about sustainable living, but who are actually living it in their everyday lives.


Movement is a little story about my friend’s Robert Carreiro and Niedra Gabriel’s aerial circus class in Ojai, CA. Combining yoga, pilates, gymnastics and circus, Robert and Niedra use aerial conditioning and dance to help people to get in shape and find their inner child again.


Unity is a journalistic movie, which follows the UFCW local union 770 along with delegates to the LA convention for the NAACP, grocery workers and the general public in a rally and march for grocer’s rights that took place in 2011.

EMPTY giants

EMPTY giants is one of the movie trailers for the documentary film I made with Kaiulani Kimbrell. This movie is about a group of compulsive eaters who reveal that food addiction is as serious a disease as alcoholism and other drug addiction. They also share their paths to recovery. Expected release is in early 2013.