EMPTY giants Trailer

At the beginning of this year, I teamed up with the talented Kaiulani Kimbrell, founder of A New Awareness Media to make a 30-minute short documentary as part of our portfolio project for the Brooks Institute.

Kaiulani wanted to create a movie that helps compulsive eating be recognized as a disease at the same level as alcoholism and other addictions. Familiar with programs of recovery, I agreed. Now, at long last, the trailer for our movie is ready to share. EMPTY giants will premier sometime in early 2013. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer about how a group of compulsive eaters reveal how food addiction is as serious of a disease as alcoholism and other drug addictions and more importantly, share their paths to recovery.

If you have ever:
– struggled with your weight
– picked up an item of food that you didn’t want to eat and ate it anyway
– eaten food so that you wouldn’t have to feel your feelings
– thought that certain foods might be addicting (i.e. use sugar like crack cocaine)
– starved yourself
– binged
– overexcercised

Know that there is hope! If you relate to the trailer and can’t wait until 2013 to learn more, here are some helpful links to check-out while you’re waiting.

National Eating Disorders Association

Compulsive Eaters Anonymous
Overeaters Anonymous
National Institute of Mental Health
Mayo Clinic

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