Stories are, to me, are what make the world go round. Those who possess¬†the art of storytelling possess a precious gift indeed. The short stories that I’ve chosen to represent my work and ethic as a photographer and documentary filmmaker are the stories that mean the most to me. My storytelling techniques are based on the relationships I’ve developed with people all over the world on the subjects of culture, nature and environmental conservation. I strive to do those relationships justice by listening to what my subjects have to say, with my ears…and my eyes. I like to tell a story for kids as much as I like to tell as story for adults or tell a story for a business or a nonprofit.

For you as the viewer, my hope is that you choose the story you want watch, in the format that appeals to you most. I tell stories through documentary shorts, through multimedia videos and through still photography. Sit back, explore and enjoy!

Short Documentary Films

Multimedia Stories

Still Photography