Artists inpiring artists


A couple of weeks ago, I was out early in the morning hours walking around the Carpinteria Salt Marsh, in Carpinteria, CA taking photos of the wildlife when I stumbled upon a different kind of wildlife. Several members of the Carpinteria Plein Air Painters had settled themselves into a cozy spot, made themselves comfortable, set-up shop and were painting the scenic landscape. Each person was painting from their own unique perspective. With varying lengths of experience, some were painting oils and other in watercolor. Instead of photographing birds and other creatures, I made them my subjects; life imitating art, artists supporting artists, people inspiring each other.

The group that day included Christine Crooks, Chris Sobell, Babs Runyon, Beg Ricks and Linda Collins. The ladies told me that they get together on a pretty regular basis so that they can practice what they love – their art and creativity.

Imagine what our lives would be like if we spent a little less time in front of the TV, our computer, phone or iPad and instead got together more regularly to hang-out with friends, doing what we love, with people we love, doing what they love? Our galleries would be full and so would our souls.

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