Breath of Life wins culture unplugged award!

Culture Unplugged Film Festival!

Cultural documentary film winner

Film Forum Winner

My movie, Breath of Life, was made while I was traveling through Hawaii in late 2011 as a visual journalism student at the Brooks Institute of Photography. I set out to create a piece of work which honors the rich heritage of the Hawaiian culture and Indigenous People.

My goal in life is to produce award-winning documentary films which inspire, uplift and educate people to take better care of themselves and our world. I am so pleased and honored that my documentary short, Breath of Life, was awarded the Praise award (2nd runner-up) for the Culture Unplugged Film Festival, thus deeply honoring the film’s participants, the Hawaiian culture, elders and some of whom are now ancestors.

As we continue to plunder the planet for profit, destroying the land, the animals, the plants, the language, culture and the heritage of Indigenous Peoples around the world, we continue to destroy ourselves as well. My projects are dedicated to the critical importance of preserving indigenous knowledge and indigenous culture for future generations to come.

Thank you so much for watching and supporting my films and world cultures.

Your generous support furthers my ability to create conscious global awareness of the desperate need for ongoing cultural and environmental preservation worldwide.

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