Love, Joy and Thanks

Today, all around the United States, family, friends and loved ones are gathering together to share a meal and to give thanks. It is a time of recognition and appreciation. Traveling in Hawaii and unable to be with my family, I sit quietly and reflect on all the things for which I have gratitude and give thanks:

  • The gentle breeze blowing through the open windows
  • The fresh-water stream gurgling its way down the mountain to converge with the ocean
  • The soft pitter-patter of warm morning rain
  • The strength of the ocean crashing against lava stone beaches
  • Wet grass brushing my toes
  • Birds singing their good morning songs, rain or shine
  • The plethora of rainbows as sunshine lights the clouds
  • Cows walking to the edge of the fence to see who is taking pictures of them
  • Mother Earth for the abundance She shares in order to sustain us
  • Rare moments when I am able to sit still and listen in peace
  • Sharing adventure, laughter and experiences with my fellow students
  • Unconditional love given to me by those in and out of recovery
  • Each and every one of my family members, without whom, I would not be the person I am today
  • My adversaries, who teach me how to be a better and more compassionate person
  • The pain and heartbreak which leads me back on track to a path of Light
  • The friendships openly given to me, accepting me for who I am, despite my downfalls (of which I have many)
  • The people who encourage me to pursue my dreams passionately and without fear and whom also provide courage for me when I have none
  • Having been given the ability to cut my safety net to walk from the known into the unknown so that I could be free
  • For the very super special person I am traveling with who is helping me to learn how to accept love, intimacy and trust and to grow in ways they could only begin to imagine (you know who you are angel-face)
  • Being able to learn about self-care, for myself, others and our planet (including taking and using only what I need)
  • Living consciously
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  1. Arlene Linssen December 9, 2011 at 9:34 am #

    Just read your thanksgiving thoughts. They are amazing as you are also. Love you lots, Mom

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