Things Are Not Always As They Seem

Last week, I was asked to create a mood video for a documentary class I’m taking at the Brooks Institute. I thought about many topics and then decided to brainstorm with some friends over dinner. Someone came up with the idea of doing a mood on the DMV. Afterall, anyone who’s ever driven or gotten a license or identification of any kind has probably had an experience at the DMV, and its probably been frustrating. Great idea I thought. Getting permission to film there was a bit of a challenge, but fortunately,  a guy with a heart in their media relations department made it happen. And as I drove down to the Ventura branch to make my 2 minute movie, I began to think about how I could make this a positive experience for everyone involved. When I arrived at the DMV, I talked with Merri Nakaba, a DMV employee for more than 30 years and asked her about the things that mattered the most to her. I discovered that the DMV is actively working on improving customer service and that if you make an appointment, you can save yourself time and frustration and not have to wait in line. So, I decided to “shift” the mood from negative to positive. They loved it. How about you?

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