AARP Caregiver Assistance PSA – A Family Pitches In

More than 40 million family members and friends provide more than 37 billion hours of unpaid care each year to older parents and loved ones. Many people don’t realize they are family caregivers – they are just a daughter, son, spouse or friend helping someone they love. This short story is a public service announcement  (PSA) for the AARP Caregiver Assistance program. The movie is about Ron Chase and his family and the movie showcases the changing face of caregiving. As Ron’s health began to deteriorate, he turned to his daughter Kelly to help him with day to day tasks, paperwork, and legal issues; his son-in-law John and grandson to help him with chores and tasks around the house; his granddaughters Brenna and Caitlin for help with meals, shopping and errands; and his girlfriend Arlene for help driving and a steady hand getting in and out of the car. The whole family pitches in to help the man and patriarch they so deeply love and cherish. They don’t feel they are caregivers, just a loving family helping someone in need. The documentary film was produced and directed by documentary filmmaker Victoria Linssen.

Visit the AARP Caregiving Resource Center to find out more about the free caregiving resources that AARP has to offer.

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