A whirlwind of change


A few months ago, I made a life-changing decision: to move from the city I loved dearly, Ojai, CA, to Ashland, OR to start my next new adventure shooting the documentary film “5 Women: 4 Seasons” for Coyote Trails School of Nature. Since nature, cultural preservation and women’s rights are issues near and dear to my heart, you could say this move and this project are the perfect storm, or story rather. First of all, Ashland is about as connected to nature as you can get. I’m surrounded by parks, trails, trees, fresh air and clean water. Having lived in Brooklyn for 10 years and the LA area for nearly a decade as well, I became keenly aware that I was nature-starved. I needed to feed my soul much more than great food and cute shoes, hence my move further and further away from the big cities. Now that I’ve been here a few weeks and I’m beginning to settle in, I realize that the first half of this year has been a whirlwind. Between the move, doing marketing and sponsorship work for the award-winning film “Ground Operations: From Battlefields to Farmfields” and then moving to start pre-production on “5 Women: 4 Seasons“, I haven’t been shooting as many stills as I would like. So I headed out on a simple walk around my country neighborhood and followed up with a short ride on my mountain bike. I still have a ways to go to get to know the area, but in the meantime, wanted to share my view of Ashland with you – and it has nothing to do with the town. My goal is to find the true inhabitants, the original inhabitants of this area. Looking forward to getting to know the mountains and the land and finding the sweet spots to create more images! The only thing that remains the same is change…

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